Can My Boss Fire Me For Complaining?

Are you concerned that you could be fired for complaiThe employee said that she objected to the company tracking her during her off-the-clock activities, and after she had made her concerns known, she deactivated the application and was terminated. In response, the employee has filed a lawsuit against Intermex, seeking damages of $500,000. ning about [...]


What Can’t California Employers Ask You In A Job Interview?

There are plenty of difficult interview questions that candidates would prefer to pass on, but do you know which questions are outright illegal for California employers to ask? If not, you’re not alone. According to a CareerBuilder survey, twenty percent of hiring managers have asked illegal questions during an interview without realizing it. These include [...]


How Workplace Harassment Affects Your Health

Have you been the target of abuse in your workplace? Examples of inappropriate actions that can be considered workplace bullying or harassment can include: Repeated hurtful remarks, attacks, or jokes made at your expense Sexual harassment, including touching, comments, and requests that make you uncomfortable Excluding you from taking part in activities that relate to [...]

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