Employee Rights

Can California Narrow The Wage Gap?

You’ve probably heard of the wage gap—a phrase that references the difference in annual earnings between male and female workers. But, what does that gap mean to female employees—and why does it persist? Here are some important facts about the gender pay gap: 1. The Difference In Pay Equals About Three Extra Months Work When [...]


Can I Be Fired For Talking About Politics?

Everyone has opinions—especially during election season. However, pushing political beliefs on your co-workers can be problematic. Maybe you put a political sticker on your car or perhaps you spoke up about legislation during a casual conversation—only to be terminated. Doesn’t the First Amendment protect your freedom of speech? In most states, the answer is no. [...]


5 Of the Most Common Forms of Workplace Discrimination

A report released by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reveals both good news and bad news for employees across California. The good news? Overall charges of employers discriminating against their workers are declining after a long upwards trend. This means more stable and less stressful work environments for employees to be a part of. [...]

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