Legal Rights

Have a Sick Child? You Might Qualify for California’s Kin Care

“Kin Care” is a right granted to eligible California employees which authorizes you to take the time needed to care for a sick family member. But, which family members and how is Kin Care any different from your rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act or the California Family Rights Act? Under California Labor [...]


What Can I Do If My Employer Denies My FMLA?

If you’ve applied for an FMLA leave, the chances are that you already have enough to worry about, and having your application denied can feel like a disaster. Your employer may have required you to "burn" through certain time on the books, like vacation and sick leave, during the weeks you are using FMLA—meaning that [...]


When Does FMLA Start and How Many Hours Am I Entitled To?

Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, employees are eligible to care for themselves, or a spouse, parent, or child who is coping with an illness or medical condition. Here are your three main benefits under FMLA: FMLA Benefit #1-A: You can get up to 12 weeks of unpaid FMLA leave. Under FMLA, employees are [...]

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