We Assist Those Employed By the State of California and/or Counties in California With Legal Counsel, Advice, and Representation

Sometimes employees who work for the State, County or Local governments have workplace situations that cannot be resolved informally, and they find themselves having to file a grievance, appeal, or attend a hearing.  If you are a government employee, maybe you just need guidance in order to resolve a workplace problem in a way that protects you.

Over our combined 35 years in business, we have found that State of California and/or County employees have a difficult time finding representation in the legal community. We have handled many types of legal representations involving governmental workers, from general advice and assistance to legal representation at hearings and trials.

We know how devastating it can be to a government employee to be served with disciplinary action and the effect that action can have on your reputation, economics, future employment, grade, pension and/or retirement. Unlike the private sector, most government employees have an expectation of staying with their employer indefinitely, and a disciplinary notice can have significant far-reaching effect on both the employee’s life as well as his/her family’s life.

Legal Counsel, Advice, and Representation

If you have been subjected to disciplinary action, including any of the following actions, and feel you need assistance, contact us at (916) 787-4544

  • Adverse Action
  • Rejection During Probationary Period
  • Medical Termination/Demotion/Suspension
  • Discrimination Complaint
  • Denial of Request for Reasonable Accommodation
  • Whistleblower Complaint
  • Merit Issue Complaint
  • Pre-Employment Medical/Psychological Disqualification
  • Out-of-Class Claim
  • Petition for Rehearing

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